Analyze, briefing and set deadlines

The first step in the process is to map out the customer's wishes as clear as possible. First, a mood board will be created in which the style, the use of colors and materials will be determined for the visuals. Subsequently, deadlines will be agreed upon for the previews and final images.


3D modelling and definition of perspective

The second step is modelling and translating your wishes in 3D. A blank render will be sent over in which a proposal is made regarding the composition, lighting and the perspective.



After we have agreed upon the composition and the lighting, all the materials will be made and applied to the blank render. A medium quality render will be sent over to get a good picture of the final visuals. After the first preview, there is the option for two iterations in which details can be adjusted.


Final Image

After the last preview has been approved, the image will be rendered in high quality and the image will be post processed for an optimal final result.